Labradar LX

Original price was: $900.00.Current price is: $549.99.

Labradar LX

Original price was: $900.00.Current price is: $549.99.

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Labradar Chronograph

The newest model of Doppler Radar Chronographs is the Labradar LX. Presented to you by Infinition, the original creators of the doppler radar chronometers for personal use. More ELR shooters utilize Labradar than any other chronograph.

The Radar LX  has a ton of features, such as:

Durable Metal Enclosure Exceptional Precision of +/- 0.1% Use with Shotgun Slugs, Paintball, Air Guns, Pistols, and Rifles Prolonged A 65–5,000 fps internal rechargeable battery’s range of velocity. Vibrant LCD screen for viewing outside Displays for the Ke calculator and IPSC/IDPA power factor are integrated in. Compact size: 2.5″ X 2.75″ X 2.75″ Bluetooth Mobile App Tripod included. Included in the box are a tripod, USB charging cable, and Labradar LX.

Key Features

Discover the Labradar Lx, featuring advanced radar technology for precise speed measurements. Capture detailed data effortlessly with its user-friendly interface and customizable settings. Stay ahead with this top-of-the-line device for accurate performance tracking in various settings.


The Labradar Lx offers unparalleled benefits with its remarkable accuracy. The device is designed to provide precise measurements, ensuring consistent and reliable results every time. This level of accuracy is essential for shooters who demand the highest performance from their equipment. One of the standout features of the Labradar Lx is its exceptional convenience. With its compact and portable design, it can be easily set up at the range without the need for cumbersome accessories. This allows shooters to focus on their practice and performance without any unnecessary distractions.