Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press Case Activated Powder Measure


Product Overview

The Frankford Arsenal Case Activated Powder Measure is compatible with the X-10 Progressive Reloading Press and features sturdy aluminum construction, a unique hopper to prevent powder bridging, micrometer adjustable powder dispensing, and ultra smooth ball bearing operation. Included with the powder measure is the required linkage for plug-and-play operation with the X-10 Progressive Press.



  • Includes required linkage for operation
  • Static free aluminum body
  • Unique hopper shape prevents powder bridging
  • Micrometer adjustable powder dispensing
  • Powder drum rides in ball bearings for smooth operation


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Product Information

Adjustment TypeMicrometer
Powder TypeSmokeless Powder
Press MountableYes

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight4.000 Pounds