Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Intellidropper Digital Powder Scale and Dispenser


Product Overview

The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Electronic Powder Dropper features an individual powder calibration button for the fastest, most accurate powder measurements. The large back-lit LCD display allows for easy-to-see controls perfect for any user. The Powder Dropper stores load data in your smart phone or tablet downloadable App. Auto and manual trickle capability with up to 250 grains of powder per throw. Holds up to 7,000gr (1lb) of powder and offers +/- 0.1 grain accuracy. Not for use with Blackpowder.


The downloadable app features preloaded bullet and powder databases, with the ability to add additional bullets/powders. The app stores your load data, has a preloaded cartridge list, powder list, caliber with bullet type, weight, ballistic coefficient, sectional density and length options. The app also allows you to input charge weight, case, time primer, length of barrel and more. The app also allows for the uploading of grouping images.


  • Large back-lit LCD display
  • Auto and manual trickle capability
  • Holds up to 7,000gr (1lb) of powder
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Downloadable App functionality


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Product Information

Capacity1 Pound
Power Source110 Volt
Accuracy0.1 Grains
Maximum Powder Charge250 Grains

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight4.230 Pounds