Buffalo Bore Sniper Ammunition 308 Winchester 175 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail Box of 20


Buffalo Bore loads this ammunition to achieve maximum accuracy. This translates into some lower velocities than what would be considered the maximum SAMI specifications. This load because of its lower pressure is safe to fire in any 308 Winchester firearm in normal operating condition. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

Owner of Buffalo Bore Tim Sundles on Buffalo Bore 308 Winchester Sniper Ammunition:
At the time of this writing, (04-05-11) Buffalo Bore has been making this 308 Win. Sniper load, for 8 or 9 years. Until this time, I had neglected to write text on this web site for this load, so here are few particulars our customers may be interested in. We do not produce this load for maximum velocity, but for maximum accuracy. Our production lots of this product vary in velocity as we search for the most accurate combination of powder/bullet/brass from varying lot #’s. In my Springfield M1A National Match, (22 inch barrel) velocities from production batch to batch run between 2640 fps and 2700 fps. While this load was developed for maximum long range accuracy, it has great value as a hunting load. The Sierra 175gr. Match King is a fairly soft bullet that Sierra does not recommend for hunting, however, at our 308 Win. impact velocities, it mushrooms nicely on deer sized animals. Of course it mushrooms more violently at close range than it does at longer ranges. From 100 yards to 500 yards, it performs terminally just like you’d want a deer, black bear, antelope or hog bullet to perform. I would not shoot animals over 350 lbs with it, unless they were over 400 yards away, at which point the bullet will penetrate pretty deep because it is moving too slow to mushroom radically. This is a load I carry in my light weight bolt rifle (Kimber Montana) for general use and I have shot it a lot. If your rifle is accurate with this load, it is great for deer or hog hunting. This load is safe for use in ALL 308 Win. chambered firearms that are in normal operating condition.


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Product Information

Cartridge308 Winchester
Grain Weight175 Grains
Quantity20 Round
Muzzle Velocity2700 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy2832 Foot Pounds
Bullet StyleJacketed Hollow Point
Lead FreeNo
Case TypeBrass
Test Barrel Length22 Inches
Velocity RatingSupersonic

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight1.300 Pounds