Have you ever heard of the 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) cartridge? If not, you’re in for a treat! This high-velocity rimfire cartridge is known for its exceptional accuracy and flat trajectory, making it a favorite among varmint hunters and target shooters alike.

What is 17 HMR?

The 17 HMR is a rimfire cartridge developed by Hornady in collaboration with Marlin Firearms and Ruger. It was designed to offer superior performance compared to traditional rimfire cartridges, such as the .22 LR, especially at longer distances.

Key Features of 17 HMR

Let’s dive into some of the key features that make the 17 HMR stand out:

  • High Velocity: The 17 HMR is known for its high muzzle velocity, which allows for flatter trajectories and better performance at longer ranges.
  • Accuracy: Thanks to its high velocity and aerodynamic projectiles, the 17 HMR offers exceptional accuracy, making it a popular choice for precision shooting.
  • Minimal Recoil: The 17 HMR produces minimal recoil, making it comfortable to shoot for extended periods without fatigue.
  • Varmint Hunting: The 17 HMR is highly effective for varmint hunting, offering quick and humane kills on small game.

17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR): Unleash Precision Shooting

Benefits of Using 17 HMR

Here are some of the benefits of using the 17 HMR cartridge:

  1. Long-Range Shooting: The 17 HMR’s flat trajectory and excellent accuracy make it ideal for long-range shooting applications.
  2. Varmint Control: Whether you’re dealing with pesky rodents or other small varmints, the 17 HMR is a reliable choice for efficient pest control.
  3. Target Shooting: With its precision performance, the 17 HMR is a favorite among target shooters looking to hone their skills and improve their accuracy.
  4. Minimal Damage: The 17 HMR’s small, high-velocity projectiles are designed to deliver lethal force without causing excessive damage to the target.

Choosing the Right 17 HMR Rifle When selecting a rifle for the 17 HMR cartridge, it’s essential to consider factors like barrel length, twist rate, and overall build quality. Some popular rifles chambered in 17 HMR include:Rifle ModelKey FeaturesSavage B.MAGAccuTrigger, Heavy Barrel, Synthetic StockRuger 77/17Bolt-Action, Adjustable Trigger, Laminate StockCZ 455 VarmintMatch-Grade Barrel, Adjustable Trigger, Walnut Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is 17 Hmr Ammunition Used For?

17 HMR ammunition is commonly used for small game hunting and target shooting due to its accuracy and flat trajectory.

How Does 17 Hmr Compare To Other Rimfire Cartridges?

Compared to other rimfire cartridges, 17 HMR has a higher velocity and flatter trajectory, making it ideal for longer range shooting.

What Are The Benefits Of Using 17 Hmr Ammunition?

The benefits of using 17 HMR ammunition include its high velocity, flat trajectory, and accuracy, making it suitable for varmint hunting and target shooting.

What Firearms Are Chambered For 17 Hmr?

Several firearms are chambered for 17 HMR, including rifles, pistols, and revolvers, offering a variety of options for shooters.


In conclusion, the 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) cartridge offers impressive performance, accuracy, and versatility for a wide range of shooting applications. Whether you’re a varmint hunter, target shooter, or looking for a reliable pest control solution, the 17 HMR is a top choice worth considering. With the right rifle and ammunition, you can unlock the full potential of this high-velocity rimfire cartridge and take your shooting experience to the next level.

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