When it comes to long-range shooting and big game hunting, the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner (STW) rifle ammunition stands out as a top choice among avid marksmen. This powerful cartridge has earned a reputation for its exceptional performance, impressive ballistics, and versatility in various hunting scenarios.

History of 7mm STW

The 7mm STW cartridge was introduced by Winchester in 1979, designed to deliver magnum-level performance in a standard-length action. It was created by necking down the .8mm Remington Magnum case to accept a 7mm projectile, resulting in a high-velocity round ideal for long-range shooting and hunting.

7Mm Stw Rifle Ammunition: Unleash Peak Shooting Precision!


One of the key attributes of the 7mm STW ammunition is its impressive ballistics. With the ability to achieve high muzzle velocities and flat trajectories, it’s known for delivering exceptional accuracy and energy retention at extended ranges. The high ballistic coefficient of the bullets used in the 7mm STW contributes to its excellent long-range performance, making it a favorite among precision shooters.

7Mm Stw Rifle Ammunition: Unleash Peak Shooting Precision!

Best Uses

The 7mm STW cartridge is highly regarded for hunting a variety of game, including deer, elk, moose, and other large animals. Its flat trajectory and powerful energy make it well-suited for taking down game at extended distances. Additionally, the 7mm STW has found favor among long-range competitive shooters, thanks to its consistent accuracy and impressive downrange performance.

Popular 7mm STW Rifles

Several rifle manufacturers offer models chambered in 7mm STW, providing shooters with a selection of high-quality options to choose from. Some of the popular rifles chambered in 7mm STW include the Remington 700, Winchester Model 70, and Weatherby Mark V. These rifles are known for their precision craftsmanship and reliability, complementing the performance of the 7mm STW cartridge.

7mm STW Ammunition Options

For shooters looking to purchase ammunition for their 7mm STW rifles, there are various options available from leading ammunition manufacturers. Whether seeking match-grade precision or reliable hunting loads, there are offerings from brands such as Hornady, Nosler, and Federal Premium that cater to the diverse needs of 7mm STW enthusiasts.

Advantages of 7mm STW

The 7mm STW cartridge offers several advantages that contribute to its popularity among hunters and shooters. Its flat trajectory, impressive downrange energy, and wide selection of high-performance bullets make it a versatile choice for long-range applications. Additionally, the 7mm STW’s compatibility with standard-length actions provides a significant advantage in terms of rifle weight and handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Effective Range Of 7mm Stw Rifle Ammunition?

7mm STW rifle ammunition typically has an effective range of around 800-1000 yards.

How Does The 7mm Stw Caliber Compare To Others?

7mm STW caliber offers high velocity, flat trajectory, and excellent long-range performance.

What Are The Common Uses Of 7mm Stw Ammo?

7mm STW ammunition is popular for long-range hunting, precision shooting, and competitive sports.

Is 7mm Stw Suitable For Big Game Hunting?

Yes, 7mm STW ammo is effective for hunting big game due to its power and accuracy.


In conclusion, the 7mm STW rifle ammunition has solidified its place as a top performer in the world of long-range shooting and hunting. With its rich history, exceptional ballistics, and diverse applications, the 7mm STW continues to be a favorite among those seeking superior long-range performance in a reliable and versatile cartridge.

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