When it comes to big game hunting, having the right rifle ammunition is crucial. The 458 Lott is a powerful and versatile cartridge that has become a popular choice among hunters and sport shooters. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about 458 Lott rifle ammunition.

Overview of the 458 Lott

The 458 Lott is a large, straight-walled, dangerous game hunting cartridge developed by Jack Lott in the early 1980s. It is based on the 375 H&H Magnum case, necked up to accept 0.458-inch diameter bullets. The 458 Lott is known for its exceptional stopping power and deep penetration, making it suitable for hunting large and dangerous game such as African big game species.

Features and Ballistics

The 458 Lott cartridge typically uses heavy bullets weighing between 400 and 550 grains. These heavy bullets, combined with the cartridge’s large case capacity, result in impressive muzzle energy and velocity. The 458 Lott is capable of delivering devastating terminal performance, making it an excellent choice for taking down large and thick-skinned animals.

Here’s a quick look at the ballistics of the 458 Lott with a 500-grain bullet:

Bullet WeightMuzzle VelocityMuzzle Energy
500 grains2,300 fps6,215 ft-lbs

As you can see, the 458 Lott delivers impressive velocity and energy, making it well-suited for taking down large and dangerous game at extended ranges.

Best Uses for the 458 Lott

The 458 Lott is primarily designed for hunting big and dangerous game in environments where stopping power and penetration are critical. It is a popular choice for hunting African game species such as elephant, Cape buffalo, and hippopotamus. The cartridge’s ability to deliver deep penetration and bone-crushing energy makes it well-suited for handling these formidable animals.

Additionally, the 458 Lott is also used for hunting large game in North America, such as grizzly bears and moose. Its ability to deliver decisive stopping power makes it a reliable choice for hunters pursuing these formidable species in the wild.

458 Lott Rifle Ammunition: Unleash Maximum Firepower!

Choosing the Right Ammunition

When selecting ammunition for your 458 Lott rifle, it’s essential to consider the type of game you will be hunting and the specific hunting conditions. The 458 Lott is compatible with a variety of bullet types, including solids, soft points, and bonded bullets. Solid bullets are ideal for deep penetration on thick-skinned game, while soft points and bonded bullets offer controlled expansion for maximum energy transfer.

It’s also important to choose ammunition from reputable manufacturers known for producing high-quality 458 Lott cartridges. Quality ammunition will ensure consistent performance and reliable terminal ballistics, giving you the confidence you need when facing large and dangerous game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Effective Range Of 458 Lott Ammunition?

The 458 Lott ammunition has an effective range of up to 250 yards for hunting.

Is 458 Lott Suitable For Dangerous Game Hunting?

Yes, 458 Lott ammunition is highly recommended for hunting dangerous game due to its power.

What Type Of Rifles Are Compatible With 458 Lott Ammo?

Bolt-action rifles are popular choices for using 458 Lott ammunition effectively.

Can 458 Lott Ammo Be Used For Long-range Shooting?

While it is powerful, 458 Lott is more suited for shorter-range shooting applications.


The 458 Lott rifle ammunition is a formidable choice for hunters pursuing large and dangerous game. Its exceptional stopping power, deep penetration, and impressive ballistics make it a reliable and effective cartridge for hunting in challenging environments. Whether you’re planning a safari in Africa or a big game hunt in North America, the 458 Lott is a cartridge that delivers the performance and reliability you need to make your hunt a success.

Remember to always adhere to local hunting regulations and ethical hunting practices when using the 458 Lott or any other rifle ammunition. With the right combination of skill, equipment, and respect for the natural world, you can enjoy the thrill of big game hunting while contributing to the conservation and sustainable management of wildlife populations.

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