Are you a hunting enthusiast looking for reliable ammunition for your rifle? The 35 Remington cartridge might be the perfect choice for you.

Introduction to 35 Remington

Developed by Remington Arms in 1906, the 35 Remington cartridge is a popular choice among hunters and sports shooters for its power and accuracy.

35 Remington Rifle Ammunition: Unleash Maximum Precision!


Key Features of 35 Remington

  • Caliber: The 35 Remington has a caliber of .358 inches, making it ideal for medium to large game hunting.
  • Power: Known for its stopping power and ability to take down big game animals effectively.
  • Accuracy: Offers excellent accuracy at medium ranges, making it a versatile choice for various hunting scenarios.
  • Reliability: The 35 Remington is known for its reliability and consistent performance in the field.

Benefits of Using 35 Remington Ammunition

There are several reasons why hunters and shooters prefer the 35 Remington cartridge:

  • Effective for medium to large game hunting
  • Offers excellent penetration and expansion
  • Provides consistent performance in various weather conditions
  • Available in a variety of bullet weights to suit different hunting needs

35 Remington Rifle Ammunition: Unleash Maximum Precision!


Popular Rifles Chambered in 35 Remington

Rifle ModelManufacturer
Remington Model 8Remington Arms
Marlin Model 336Marlin Firearms
Thompson/Center EncoreThompson/Center Arms

Tips for Using 35 Remington Ammunition

Here are some tips to get the most out of your 35 Remington rifle ammunition:

  1. Choose the right bullet weight for your intended game.
  2. Practice shooting at different distances to improve accuracy.
  3. Maintain your rifle regularly to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Store your ammunition in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The History Of 35 Remington Rifle Ammunition?

The 35 Remington cartridge was introduced in 1906 for the Remington Model 8 autoloading rifle.

Why Is 35 Remington Ammo Popular Among Hunters?

35 Remington is renowned for its excellent performance on medium-sized game due to its power.

How Does 35 Remington Compare To Other Rifle Ammunition?

Compared to other rifle cartridges, the 35 Remington offers good power and manageable recoil.

What Are The Common Uses Of 35 Remington Ammunition?

35 Remington ammo is commonly used for hunting deer, black bear, and other medium-sized game.


In conclusion, the 35 Remington rifle ammunition is a powerful and reliable choice for hunters and sports shooters. With its excellent performance and versatility, it is a popular option for those looking to take down medium to large game animals effectively. Consider adding the 35 Remington cartridge to your ammunition collection for a reliable and effective hunting experience.

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