35 Remington rifle ammunition is popular for its versatility and power, suitable for hunting various game. It offers reliable performance and accuracy for both short and long-range shooting.

The ammunition is known for its ability to deliver consistent results and is favored by many hunters and shooters for its effectiveness in the field. When choosing ammunition for your 35 Remington rifle, it’s essential to consider factors such as bullet weight, velocity, and bullet type to ensure optimal performance.

Whether you’re hunting deer, bear, or other game, the 35 Remington cartridge provides the stopping power needed for a successful hunt. With its reputation for reliability and performance, the 35 Remington rifle ammunition is a top choice for many outdoor enthusiasts.

35 Remington Rifle Ammunition: Unleash Precision Power!

History Of 35 Remington

The 35 Remington rifle ammunition has a rich history as a versatile and powerful round, known for its performance in hunting and sporting applications. Developed in 1906, it remains a popular choice among firearms enthusiasts for its reliable and effective performance in various shooting scenarios.

35 Remington is a popular rifle ammunition known for its history. Developed in 1906, it has a long-standing legacy. The design focuses on balance and performance. The cartridge is versatile and suitable for various hunting applications.
Its development was driven by the need for a powerful yet compact round. The 35 Remington has a reputation for accuracy and reliability. Hunters appreciate its knockdown power and stopping capabilities.

Characteristics Of 35 Remington

35 Remington rifle ammunition is known for its caliber and bullet weight, which contribute to its ballistic performance. The caliber of 35 Remington ammunition is .358 inches, and it typically comes in bullet weights ranging from 150 to 220 grains. This combination of caliber and bullet weight results in powerful and effective performance, making it suitable for hunting various game species. The ballistic performance of 35 Remington ammunition is characterized by its ability to deliver high energy and penetration, making it a popular choice among hunters and firearms enthusiasts.

Popular Uses

35 Remington rifle ammunition is commonly used for hunting applications, especially for medium-sized game such as deer and bear. Its effective range and stopping power make it a popular choice among hunters. Additionally, the ammunition is also favored for target shooting due to its accuracy and reliability. Whether in the field or at the range, 35 Remington rifle ammunition delivers consistent performance and is well-regarded by enthusiasts for its versatility.

35 Remington Rifle Ammunition: Unleash Precision Power!

Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages of 35 Remington: The 35 Remington rifle ammunition offers excellent stopping power for hunting large game. It has a flat trajectory, making it suitable for short to medium-range shooting. The round is known for its reliability and performance in dense woods and brush, making it a popular choice for hunters. Additionally, the 35 Remington is widely available and has a good selection of bullet weights and types.

Disadvantages of 35 Remington: Despite its advantages, the 35 Remington has some drawbacks. It has limited long-range capabilities compared to other rifle cartridges, which may restrict its use in open areas. The round also produces more recoil than some other cartridges, which can be a concern for some shooters, especially those sensitive to heavy recoil. Additionally, the availability of factory-loaded ammunition may be more limited compared to more popular rifle calibers.

Comparisons With Other Calibers

35 Remington Rifle Ammunition is often compared to other popular calibers. When it comes to Comparison with 30-30 Winchester, 35 Remington offers similar power and trajectory, but with a larger bullet diameter. It is also known for its versatility in lever-action rifles. When comparing with 308 Winchester, the 35 Remington has a shorter range but packs a heavier punch at closer distances. It is important to consider the specific needs and preferences of the shooter when choosing between these calibers. Ultimately, the decision will depend on factors such as intended use, shooting distance, and personal preference. Additionally, it’s always recommended to consult with experienced shooters and professionals to find the best fit for individual needs.

Availability And Cost

35 Remington rifle ammunition is readily available in most gun stores and online retailers. It is popular among hunters and shooting enthusiasts, making it easy to find in various locations. When comparing the cost of 35 Remington ammunition with other calibers, it is generally priced competitively, offering good value for money. Hunters and shooters can easily procure 35 Remington ammunition without breaking the bank, making it a cost-effective choice for their shooting needs.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips: When cleaning 35 Remington rifle ammunition, use a soft cloth to wipe the cartridges and ensure they are free from dirt and debris. Store the ammunition in a cool, dry place to prevent corrosion and degradation. Inspect the cartridges regularly for any signs of damage or wear, and replace any faulty ammunition. When troubleshooting common issues, check for proper chambering and feeding, as well as any misfires or jams. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and storage to ensure the longevity and reliability of your ammunition.

35 Remington Rifle Ammunition: Unleash Precision Power!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Still Get 35 Remington Ammo?

Yes, 35 Remington ammo is still available for purchase. It can be found at various gun stores and online retailers that specialize in ammunition.

Why Is 35 Remington Ammo Hard To Find?

35 Remington ammo is hard to find due to limited production by manufacturers and lower demand compared to popular calibers.

What Is The Effective Range Of A 35 Remington?

The effective range of a 35 Remington is typically around 200-250 yards for hunting purposes.

What’s The Difference Between A 350 Legend And A 35 Remington?

The 350 Legend has higher velocity and flatter trajectory than the 35 Remington. 350 Legend is more suitable for hunting at longer ranges due to its ballistics.


35 Remington rifle ammunition offers reliable performance for hunters and sports shooters. Its versatility and power make it a popular choice among firearms enthusiasts. Whether for hunting big game or target shooting, the 35 Remington cartridge is a trusted option for accuracy and effectiveness.

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