Are you a firearms enthusiast looking for powerful ammunition? Look no further than the 340 Weatherby Magnum! This high-performance rifle cartridge is known for its exceptional accuracy, flat trajectory, and impressive stopping power. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of the 340 Weatherby Magnum rifle ammunition, exploring its history, ballistics, uses, and more.

History of the 340 Weatherby Magnum

The 340 Weatherby Magnum was introduced by Roy Weatherby in 1962. It is based on the popular 300 H&H Magnum case, necked up to accommodate a .338-inch bullet. This cartridge was designed to offer magnum-level performance in a versatile and efficient package.

340 Weatherby Magnum Rifle Ammunition: Precision Power Unleashed

Ballistics and Performance

The 340 Weatherby Magnum is renowned for its impressive ballistics. With a muzzle velocity exceeding 3,000 feet per second and a muzzle energy of over 4,000 foot-pounds, this cartridge delivers exceptional long-range performance and terminal ballistics. It is a favorite among big game hunters for its ability to take down large and dangerous game with ease.

Uses of the 340 Weatherby Magnum

Thanks to its flat trajectory and high energy, the 340 Weatherby Magnum is well-suited for a variety of hunting applications. Whether you are pursuing elk, moose, or African plains game, this cartridge offers the power and accuracy needed for a successful hunt. It is also a popular choice among long-range shooters and big game hunters who require maximum performance from their firearms.

Popular Firearms Chambered in 340 Weatherby Magnum

Several firearms are chambered in 340 Weatherby Magnum, including the Weatherby Mark V and Vanguard rifles. These firearms are known for their exceptional build quality, accuracy, and reliability, making them ideal platforms for this powerful cartridge. Whether you prefer a bolt-action or semi-automatic rifle, there are options available to suit your preferences.

340 Weatherby Magnum Rifle Ammunition: Precision Power Unleashed

Choosing the Right Ammunition

When selecting ammunition for your 340 Weatherby Magnum rifle, it is essential to consider factors such as bullet weight, bullet type, and velocity. Different loads are available to suit various hunting scenarios, from long-range precision shooting to close-quarters encounters. Consult with a knowledgeable firearms dealer or ballistics expert to determine the best ammunition for your specific needs.

Benefits of 340 Weatherby Magnum Ammunition

  • Exceptional Accuracy: The 340 Weatherby Magnum offers outstanding accuracy, making it a favorite among precision shooters and hunters.
  • High Energy: With its high muzzle energy, this cartridge delivers devastating stopping power, ideal for taking down large game.
  • Flat Trajectory: The flat trajectory of the 340 Weatherby Magnum allows for precise shot placement at extended ranges, making it a versatile choice for hunters and marksmen.
  • Reliability: Weatherby ammunition is known for its quality and reliability, ensuring consistent performance in any hunting or shooting scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Effective Range Of 340 Weatherby Magnum Rifle Ammunition?

The effective range is around 800-1000 yards, ideal for long-distance shooting enthusiasts.

How Does The 340 Weatherby Magnum Compare To Other Rifle Ammunition?

It offers superior velocity and accuracy, making it a top choice for big game hunting.

What Type Of Game Is The 340 Weatherby Magnum Suitable For?

It is perfect for hunting large game such as elk, moose, and bears.

Is The 340 Weatherby Magnum Known For Its Recoil?

Yes, it has a noticeable recoil due to its powerful performance.


In conclusion, the 340 Weatherby Magnum rifle ammunition is a powerful and versatile cartridge that offers exceptional performance for hunting and shooting enthusiasts. Whether you are seeking long-range accuracy, high energy, or flat trajectory, this cartridge delivers on all fronts. Consider adding the 340 Weatherby Magnum to your firearms collection for a truly impressive shooting experience.

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