The 257 Weatherby Magnum is a high-velocity, flat-shooting rifle cartridge known for its exceptional accuracy and long-range performance. Developed by Roy Weatherby in the 1940s, this cartridge has gained a reputation for its impressive ballistic capabilities.

Specifications of the 257 Weatherby Magnum

Let’s delve into the specifications of this powerful cartridge:

.257Approximately 3,500 feet per secondOver 2,600 foot-pounds

Benefits of Using the 257 Weatherby Magnum

  • Long-Range Accuracy: The 257 Weatherby Magnum is highly regarded for its exceptional accuracy, making it a popular choice among long-range shooters.
  • Flat Trajectory: Thanks to its high velocity, this cartridge maintains a flat trajectory, reducing the need for holdover at longer distances.
  • Stopping Power: With its impressive energy levels, the 257 Weatherby Magnum delivers excellent stopping power, making it suitable for hunting a variety of game.

Applications of the 257 Weatherby Magnum

The versatility of the 257 Weatherby Magnum makes it suitable for a range of applications, including:

  • Hunting big game such as deer, elk, and pronghorn
  • Long-range target shooting and competition
  • Varmint hunting

Choosing the Right Rifle for the 257 Weatherby Magnum

When selecting a rifle for the 257 Weatherby Magnum, consider the following factors:

  • Action Type: Bolt-action rifles are a popular choice for this cartridge due to their reliability and accuracy.
  • Barrel Length: A longer barrel can help maximize the velocity and performance of the cartridge.
  • Scope: Opt for a high-quality scope with magnification suitable for long-range shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Effective Range Of 257 Weatherby Magnum?

The effective range of 257 Weatherby Magnum is approximately 400-500 yards, making it suitable for long-range shooting.

What Type Of Game Is 257 Weatherby Magnum Suitable For?

257 Weatherby Magnum is suitable for hunting various game, including deer, antelope, and other medium-sized game.

Is 257 Weatherby Magnum Suitable For Long-range Shooting?

Yes, 257 Weatherby Magnum is well-suited for long-range shooting due to its high velocity and flat trajectory.

What Are The Main Advantages Of 257 Weatherby Magnum?

The main advantages of 257 Weatherby Magnum include its high velocity, flat trajectory, and long-range accuracy.


The 257 Weatherby Magnum is a powerful and versatile cartridge that offers exceptional performance for hunting and long-range shooting. With its flat trajectory, high velocity, and impressive energy levels, this cartridge continues to be a favorite among shooters looking for precision and stopping power.

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