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Buy pyrodex Smokeless Powder which is a propellant designed for use in muzzleloading and black powder cartridge arms, Hodgdon® Pyrodex® Powder burns cleaner and produces less fowling than black powder. Black Powder has been used in firearms since time immemorial, being the only propellant available for muzzle loading guns until the invention of Pyrodex in 1976.  Buy pyrodex Smokeless Powder,Many shooters will swear by Black Powder, and refuse to have anything to do with substitutes. It is worth bearing in mind that using Black Powder does carry more risk, and can be dangerous when handled improperly or carelessly. That said, reams of information for loading and shooting Black Powder in virtually every kind of firearm, both modern and historical, exists. In the UK, Black Powder requires a separate storage box and a separate license (see a link to our blog at the foot of this page) to buy. Provided you have a Black Powder Certificate, we can ship Black Powder to any UK mainland address, upon receipt of your actual Black Powder Certificate (not a photocopy). See the foot of this page for more information.

Pros and Cons of Pyrodex (and similar)



– Preferable when used indoors

– Propellant, rather than explosive

– Shippable to any mainland UK address

– Harder to ignite

– More expensive than black powder

– Not suitable for all muzzle loading firearms

– Hygroscopic – attracts moisture and corrosion

– Can require solvents to clean

Pyrodex and similar products are fairly new to the muzzle loading market, only existing for the last 40 years or so. As a result, little manufacturers loading data exists for it.

Order pyrodex Smokeless Powder

Given the perceived lack of trust in muzzle loading substitutes, many clubs will not allow them to be used. On the other hand, substitutes do have a significant advantage over Black Powder when used in doors, in that they produce less smoke and are therefore less irritating to shooters, particularly when shooting multiple shots through a revolver. Black Powder substitutes are however, harder to ignite than true Black Powder, and hangfires or misfires may occur,Buy pyrodex Smokeless Powder  particularly when using flintlocks or no.10 size percussion guns. As of 2019, an Explosives Certificate is also required to buy Pyrodex, as it’s classification has changed as regards to explosives licensing. The differences between the two therefore, are narrowing.

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