Blackhorn Gun powder

Blackhorn Gunpowder 209 is a low residue, high performance propellant made for muzzleloaders and black powder cartridges. It is engineered to consistently shoot at higher velocities and with greater accuracy than any other muzzleloader powder available today. In fact, if you compare the advantages of Blackhorn 209, you will quickly see there are nine areas where Blackhorn 209 simply smokes the competition:

At volume equivalents, Blackhorn 209 is ballistically superior to other muzzleloading propellants. It consistently delivers higher velocities and remarkable accuracy – something every shooter expects but has rarely experienced with other propellants. When using Blackhorn 209, your muzzleloader will consistently perform at peak levels of accuracy. With the industry’s lowest standard deviations, you can count on Blackhorn 209 for precise performance and repeatable results.
Blackhorn 209 is the first and only muzzleloading propellant that is specifically designed to be free of solid and sticky residues. This revolutionary feature assures that Blackhorn 209 will not leave a crud ring in your barrel that can damage sabots and affect accuracy.

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