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Buy shotgun ammo and shells at Ammo Reloading Shop. Shotgun ammo is arguably the most specialized type of ammunition on the market today. Whether you’re hunting game birds, deer, squirrel, rabbit or most any small to medium game – there will be a shot size and material specific to your shooting needs At Outdoor Limited, we have huge collection of of popular calibers such as 10 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 16 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 24 Gauge, 28 Gauge, 32 Gauge and 410 BORE

The story of how shotgun ammo was developed is rich and varied, much like so many stories in firearms history. From the first time black powder was ignited to propel a projectile out of a tube, ideas have evolved for improving the reliability and effectiveness of the process. It all started more than a hundred years ago, when shooters discovered that shot pellets were most effective for hunting birds and small, fast-moving game. Military shooters found applications for shot pellets as well. However, shotguns did not change much until there were some significant advancements in technology, powder and firearm design.

The evolution of shotgun ammunition really took off with the arrival of breech loading shotguns, which initially fired two types of shells – brass and paper. Brass shot shells first appeared sometime around or after 1865, and were either loaded by an ammo company or by the shooter. These quickly became popular since it was possible to reload the brass many times over. Shot shells with paper hulls also appeared in the mid to late 1860s, and were produced in large volume by the Union Metallic Company, which contributed to their notoriety.

Having the right Shotgun Ammo in your firearm will make all the difference in different target situations and applications. We carry a full line of 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 bore (.410 “gauge”) ammunition. For high-velocity shooting check out HEVI-Shot and Federal shotgun shells that are perfect for hunting, competition, clay shooting, and home defense. There are different varieties of shotgun shells, or shotshell ammo, designed for specific purposes. Birdshot ammo uses the smallest pellets of the bunch and is used to take down upland game and in similar bird hunting scenarios. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Buckshot ammo that contains the largest pellets for medium to large games. Buckshot ammo may also be used as tactical rounds by law enforcement, military personnel, and personal self-defense. Slugs are a single, large projectile used to hunt medium to large game, and they are frequently used in areas where hunting rifles aren’t permitted due to concerns about range and proximity to other hunters.image

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