480 Ruger Ammunition, Ruger’s 480 is a powerful pistol that is not to be taken lightly. The 480 Ruger cartridge is a favourite among hunters and serious handgun enthusiasts due to its remarkable stopping power and superb performance.

A Recap of 480 Ruger Rounds

480 Ruger ammunition is designed for use in large-frame revolvers and provides a potent combination of energy and velocity. With a bullet diameter of.475 inches, the 480 Ruger is perfect for big game hunting as well as self-defense.

Information about the 480 Ruger ammo

Let’s take a closer look at the primary features of 480 Ruger handgun ammunition:


Bullet Weight



Ruger 480

275 grammes

1350 feet per second

1275 lb-pc

Benefits of Ruger 480 Ammunition Utilisation

Sturdy Performance: The 480 Ruger is an excellent option for big game hunting because to its exceptional speed and vigour.

Accuracy: Because 480 Ruger ammunition is so well-made, it exhibits remarkable accuracy and precision.

Dependability: Due to its well-known, consistent performance, the 480 Ruger is a dependable choice for shooters.

Stopping Power: The 480 Ruger is renowned for its capacity to swiftly and humanely stop targets.

480 Best Uses for Ruger Handgun Ammunition

Whether you are hunting in the backcountry or need a dependable round for self-defense, the 480 Ruger is a versatile cartridge that performs well in a variety of environments. Examples of common uses are as follows:

hunting large game, such as bears and elk

Self-defense in areas with dangerous animals

Sport shooting and target practice

Where to Purchase Ruger 480 Ammunition

480 Ruger ammunition is carried by most gun stores and online retailers that specialise in selling ammunition. It’s essential to choose reputable brands and ensure you’re purchasing premium ammunition for the finest outcomes.


480 Ruger pistol ammo is a fantastic choice for shooters looking for a high-performance cartridge because of its potent combination of accuracy, reliability, and power. For those seeking a solid round for hunting, sports shooting, or self-defense, the 480 Ruger is a fantastic choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 480 Ruger Handgun Ammunition?

The 480 Ruger Handgun Ammunition is a cartridge designed for both hunting large game and self-defense.

What Is The Power Of The Ruger 480 Handgun Ammunition?

The 480 Ruger Handgun Ammunition is considered to be a powerful cartridge that can kill large game.

Ruger Handgun Ammunition Model 480 Compatibility: Which Handgun Types?

480 Ruger Handgun Ammunition is suitable for use with the Ruger Super Redhawk and other revolvers.

What is the Ruger 480 handgun ammunition’s range?

Ruger 480 Handgun Ammunition has an effective range of up to 100 yards.


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