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Buy Handgun Ammo Online, we have your handgun ammo for every defense and every target practice. We stock a large variety, including 9mm ammo, .40 S&W ammo.45 ACP ammo, .38 special ammo and .380 ACP ammo — the most notable on the market.

We also feature a strong selection of calibers from recognized brands including American Eagle, Blazer, Federal, Fiocchi, Hornady, MagTech, PMC, Remington, Sellier & Bellot, Sig Sauer, Winchester and more.

Whether you’re looking for 20 rounds or 250, and carrying a 9mm or a .45, Natchez Shooters Supply is a one-stop-shop for your handgun ammo and the rest of your outdoor needs. Family owned and operated since 1979, we offer the best prices for ammunition and top-notch customer service, giving you everything you need to enjoy The Great Outdoors.

Since the 1830s, there have been remarkable improvements in handgun ammo, yet the fundamental design is unchanged.

The .22 Short was the first self-contained pistol ammunition in production. This rimfire cartridge received a positive reception and is still being produced today. With a small charge of black powder and a bullet weighing 29 grains, the .22 Short is only suitable for hunting the smallest game and exterminating small varmints. The small recoil and quiet report have contributed to it being fun to shoot as well as its ongoing demand. After the introduction of the .22 Short, rimfire cartridges of larger and larger size were introduced all the way up to .58 caliber. Buy Handgun Ammo

Several cartridges were developed in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century for the latest innovation in handgun design – the semi-auto pistol. The .30 Luger and .30 Borchardt were somewhat successful, but the 1902 introduction of the 9mm Luger changed the face of handguns and rapidly became the dominant centerfire pistol cartridge around the world. Armed forces from many countries jumped to adopt the cartridge. Buy Handgun Ammo The U.S., however, was intent to blaze their own trail when it came to handgun cartridges. In 1911, the .45 ACP was adopted by U.S. Army officials who determined that bullet weight (as opposed to velocity) would be the factor that influenced their choice for military issue handguns.

The general construction of handgun ammo has not changed much since the early 1900s. Specific cartridges have appeared, however, over the years. The .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum, the .40 Smith & Wesson and the .380 ACP have all influenced the development and improvement of modern ammunition for handguns.

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